Diva is a Python library for creating interactive dashboards. It supports analytics libraries like matplotlib, pandas, and bokeh. MIT Licensed.

The example below will serve a webpage where you can interact with the decorated functions foo and bar. In this case, the pandas Series objects are converted to HTML tables. Please see the demo server and the User’s Guide for more details.

from diva import Diva
from diva.widgets import *
import pandas as pd

app = Diva()

@app.view('my sample view')
def foo():
    data = [p * 1.5 for p in range(20)]
    return pd.Series(data)

@app.view('my sample view with widgets', [
    Int('choose a size', 20),
    Float('choose a factor', 1.5)
def bar(size, factor):
    data = [p * factor for p in range(size)]
    return pd.Series(data)